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M.I.A raps with her regular english accent so idk why iggy azalea out here doin impressions of Diamond from Crime Mobb


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Anonymous: I just had a bad thought: What if Aria's brother mike is part of the A team/working for Uber A. And he's the one that killed Mona. That's why Mona was shocked by the person who came in. What if he was just wearing a wig. And he could have been the one who snuck in to her house since in one season(I can't remember) he was the one who was breaking into people's homes so he'd know how to do it.. Just a thought :) xx


Wow *mouth drops* I am in complete and total shock! Totally unexpected but soooo damn good!

One Mic Music Fest (9.13)


do you ever get sad bc you aren’t rich and famous

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